Discount Travel 4 Cancer is a fully functional travel site. We have everything from car rentals to group bookings to all inclusive getaways. We also donate a portion of every sales commission to the Canadian Cancer Society in an effort to help find a cure.
Other Links
Canadian Cancer Society
A great resource to find out information on Cancer or how you can help.
Airport Codes
Here are the airport codes for most cities in Canada, UNited States and Internationally .
AirLine Phone Numbers
Here are some toll free numbers for information on your booked airline tickets.
Helpful Links
Canadian Consular Page
United States Consular Affairs
World Weather
World Maps
DT4 Cancer has all of the help you need just a phone call away. In the US and Canada, please call 1-800-780-5733. Use Discount code 187861 to get the best rates and to ensure your booking donates money to the Canadian Cancer Society.
Our Team of travel consultants will help you find exactly what you are looking for.
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In order to ensure that you get the lowest travel rates posted online and that your booking donates funds to the Canadian Cancer Society, please make sure you use discount code 187861 for phone sales.
Discount Travel 4 Firefighters
Discount Travel 4 Police
Discount Travel Centres
Discount Travel 4 CUPE
If you have a charity or organization that you think would benefit from proceeds of a fully functional travel website, please Contact Us.
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